Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Power of Christ compells you, or Get me a young Priest and an old Priest

I got an instant message tonight from someone that had asked me a question about Wicca a long time ago and after I answered they asked could they add me to their friends list. As soon as I logged my instant messenger program on this is what I saw. (what follows is a direct cut and paste rom my off line messages) “i need to get my hands on a powerful spell to banish strong evil. i am not wiccan, so i need detailed instruction. i need it by midnight tonight. please ask everyone you know” the next one said “i need it by midnight tonight” followed by “a powerful spell to banish strong evil”


I had no sooner than read this bit of non-since than this person instant messages me and proceeds to tell me in great detail how a friends boy friend was possessed by a demon and they were trying to fight the evil. After I had a good laugh and about soiled myself, I went on to tell this person that I really didn’t think I could help them and to please never message me again with such “Charmed” tripe. I also tried to explain to her that what they needed to do was stop watching Buffy and Angel and Charmed and come to the real world of Paganism and Wicca. I also informed them if he was possessed to the degree which they were claiming to call the 6 o’clock news and get some good footage to air.


This brings me to the point of this blog and post. Shows such as Charmed, and Buffy while entertaining as they may be, are not true representations of Wicca, Witchcraft, or Paganism. They are television shows made by Hollywood to entertain us at which they do a fine job.  Don’t be a fluffy bunny. Do not be ignorant. Use good common since, if people were really that possessed do you not think shows like ghost hunters wouldn't be all over it. Take the time to pick up a book on Wicca or paganism and read it. Then when you have finished read another one and another. Educate yourself one book will lead you to another. They may not all be good but at least you will have taken the time to educate yourself and make a decision not based on a television show.

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