Friday, June 5, 2009

Review of ELf Fest 2009 part 2

Our 2nd day at Elf Fest started at some unreasonably early hour for us to have been at festival and up so late the first night we were there.  I trudged out of the ten got the camp stove fired up for coffee and made my way to the new composting toilets that they now have on site.


These toilets are leaps and bounds over what used to be on the site the last time I was there.  The old composting toilets were about 10 feet off the ground stinky and over a giant shit heap. (Yes pun intended) After my morning stroll to the facilities I got back to my hot water and had a cup of coffee goodness. Some of the other members of our party were stirring so I made coffee for all had a smoke and began to think a bit about breakfast.


The new Composting Toliets 

Close up of sign on the door

We had brought plenty of food with us but I was keen on try the on site cuisine. Since my last visit they had erected a long house (one of the many things I am kicking myself for not getting a picture of) which for a small fee would serve breakfast and dinner. If you wanted lunch I think you were on your own. I will write more about the new long house in a latter part to this blog. Since we had brought a ton of food I started to cook pancakes. We had brought a lot of add water shake and pour so I was making pancakes for all in are little village that were awake. The one thing we forgot to bring however is syrup. Not to worry a member of our village had that covered and pancakes were enjoyed by all.


Our villiage at Elf Fest

We did are clean up from breakfast and decided to head out for a walk along merchants row to see what we could see. We decided to make our first stop at the board that announces the day’s events. Other than an herb walk latter in the day there was nothing on it. This will constitute my only bitch about this year’s Elf Fest. It seemed to me that it was very thin on workshops or organized activates. In years past someone was almost always walking around heralding this workshop or that one. Anywho we made our walk of merchants row and spotted something that is a rarity for me. A merchant with nice Pagan themed rings that would fit my large hands.  I fell in love with 2 of them and  got a good deal from the guy and was a happy boy. We finished our tour of merchants row bought a few more thing a sorang a couple of shirts and such then headed back to camp to rustle up some lunch as it had taken us quite a long time to take our tour and see everything we wanted to see.

To be continued in Part 3

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