Saturday, July 25, 2009

Come Together for the Right reasons

Been a while since I updated the blog here and I apologize my computer time has not been what it once was. Recently here in Indy I have been speaking with a few friends old and new about a couple of different subjects. The one I would like to talk about at the moment is that many of them think we need some kind of council of elders or some such here.

In principal I understand this thought and don’t really think it is a bad. It has been tried here in Indy a couple of different times without much success. Too many different egos got in the way and things never moved forward. Like I said the idea in principal is not a bad one but I just hit on the root of the problem, at least here locally and I am quite sure in many other places as well. Too many people want to be seen as the head Witch Queen thinking they have some form of power over other peoples groups. I would just for the record like to say to anyone who craves such a position GROW UP!

Being put in a position of leadership is an honor just like being the Priest or Priestess of a Coven. And like Uncle Ben told Peter Parker with great power comes great responsibility. If you feel you need to be in a place of leadership just have your ego stroked I would recommend that you grow up and re-examine why you are a member of the Wica to begin with. When and if such groups are formed it should be from a place of love and trust with the goal of helping each other out and coming together to celebrate our common practices not our differences.

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  1. I agree! Egos do get in the way. Another thing that I have found gets in the way of things getting done is just apathy. Most of the Pagans and Wiccans I know don't want to follow through with anything. It's very frustrating.