Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Healing or the lack thereof in the Pagan community

Today is not a rant. Today I want to talk about a subject that should be more prominent in the Pagan community than it seems to be. That subject is healing. This is a subject within the pagan community that many claim to be about, but it seems few do anything with it.

Before I continue with this post I want to bring up what has brought me to the point of writing a blog about it. I administer a Social Networking site called Trad Wicca, (http://tradwicca.ning.com) along with a few other really great Pagans. Don’t let the name of the site fool you, it is not just for traditional Wiccan’s, but for all Pagans. Anyway within the broader spectrum of the site you can create groups or little mini sites within the scope of the site overall. One of the groups that I created was the healers group. This group has the most members of any of the other groups on the site, which I found encouraging. However my encouragement faded over time as only the regulars on the site made any conversation within the group. This prompted me to move one of the better topics we had going within the group. I gave it a re-start it in the main site forums. My thinking on this was that perhaps folks forgot they had joined the healing group, would see this topic right on the main page of the site where it shows the most recent forum topics, and they would jump right in to the conversation. Did this happen you ask? Why no it did not, it was the same old regulars that replied to the forum post with there great insights and wit. So my dear reader the afore mentioned events have brought me to writing this blog post, which I hope will elicit some good thought and discussion, not only on the site I help administer, but through your reader comments as well.

So, why is it that so many people seem afraid of healing in our community? Is it because they come from a Church type background where on Sunday the put the sick, and ill, and misfortunate on a prayer request list, and the thought of healing or asking for it hits to close to that past? Is it because (and this is in my opinion) there seems to be a high number of people that come to a Pagan path that are “damaged” and in need of healing for themselves? Or perhaps they are doing a type of healing and are just too embarrassed to talk about it. These are some of the things that were brought about in that forum post and we had some really good discussion on it all.

So my dear readers I now ask you. What is your view on healing in the Pagan community? Do you see lots of it, or hardly any at all? Do you think it is a important part of our community, or something we can back away from. I am very interested to hear your thoughts.


  1. Ah yes... the healing thread. Healing is something important that seems to be glossed over many times, in books and discussions,as I and many others have said before. It may be tempting to say that we are beating a dead horse, but... It is an important issue, and one that seems to have not been resolved, so beat on I say!

    I think you may have hit a nail, when you mentioned that dealing with healing in conjunction with our religion(s) may bring up echoes of Church prayer lists and cause discomfort. But, that probably isn't the whole issue.

    As you mentioned, there may be a thread of embarrassment... 'What if everyone else thinks my method is silly or odd?' Or worse: Does anyone really *do* healing any more? Would I look old fashioned, or too New Agey, etc...?'

    Plus there is some sentiment that some healers (or those who give healing teachings) are fraudulent, charging thousands of dollars to do a little hand waving.

    I'll readily admit, as I have before, that healing isn't something I've really explored. And until pretty recently, I didn't think it was that big of a deal.

    But, it is something that is missing. As you said, many who come to Paganism (myself included) need some healing for themselves. And many have no clue where to go or what to do to get that. And there might be some portion of the people who are more experienced and possessing of this knowledge not wanting to discuss it in any truly meaningful way. It's of no use to mention healing and then give no insights on how to go and do it, for yourself or others.

    For myself... I've recently started reading Christopher Penczak's book "The Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft" which essentially a text book of sorts, with lessons and exercises meant to take you through the course of "a year and a day." One thing that attracted me to the book is that it has built into it a journey of personal healing and transformation. So, it seems as though my journey toward the more healing areas of Paganism has finally begun. I'm really excited.

  2. I think its quite possible that many of the people in paganism are not as adept or knowledgable in the healing aspects as some may think. They most likely in a quite learning/obsorbing state and most likely wont input much.

    Some might just be very private about what they do and how they do it. Yea, they are out there. I'm one that doesn't care to share much of what I do either. Honestly because I am so quite and private about it that I tend not to do much in the way of healing anyway. People don't know to ask and I have little extra energy these days to tend to very many anyway.

    I wouldn't give up hope. People are reading and learning, just quietly.