Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ground Hogs Day

Today is Imbolc which in Pagan lore is the Holiday of the first stirrings of spring. However today is also the modern day festival of Ground Hogs Day. This silly little festival where a sleeping rodent either sees or does not see his shadow is what I would like to talk about today. Many of my friends know, (and I think it is only my friends that read this blog but I could be wrong) know that I just this past Saturday relocated to Florida. Having gone from late and cold winter in Indianapolis to what would basically be considered Mid Spring in Indy here in Florida, I got to thinking about my friends and cold weather that I left behind. So here is a little bit of a ranting letter to one Mr. Puxatony Phil.

Dear Puxatony Phil,

OK you overgrown rodent here is the deal. There is a whole bunch of the country that is experiencing some cold weather and in many parts of the U.S. they are not used to such temps. So what you are going to do for me and all those people is see that overgrown fat shadow of yours so everyone has something to be cherry about. Even if you don’t see that overgrown fat shadow of yours I want you to tell everyone that you have seen it. Sometimes what people need to get through the winter doldrums is just a little hope. Hope that spring is coming and times will be better. So tell us all you see that fat little shadow or one day when you leas expect it we will come for you.


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