Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just the Facts

Merry Meet today's post is going to touch on some differences that are encountered in Wicca. Before I start this post I would like to say that I am not advocating one view over another, nor am I claiming to speak for any one group of Wiccan's, Pagan's, or Witch's. It has just occurred to me while typing that last sentence that I have a rant about that, and since this blog is called The Mad Angry Pagan, I will have to come back to it in a different post. OK before I go off on a tangent let me get back to my original thought for this post. Today I am going to very briefly explain some terms that one can run across while exploring a Pagan path.

The First term is BTW. No it does not mean by the way at least not in the since I am talking about it here. BTW refers to British Traditional Wicca. This term is most commonly associated with the Gardnerian and Alexandrian tradition of Wicca, but may also refer to some off shots of those two traditions but not all. The most common definition of BTW is to have a verifiable and traceable lineage back to the traditions founder, and that you practice a type of Wicca that originated in England. BTW is almost always "oath bound" and "secret"

The Next term I want to talk about is Eclectic Wicca. This refers to Wicca that draws from many sources. In other words it might take something from Ritual A and Ritual B then you add something of your own, and presto you have Eclectic Ritual C. Once again this is very basic but you get the idea.

The next term I am going to bring up today is Traditional Initiatory Witchcraft or Wicca. This refers to Wicca or Witchcraft that may be "oath bound" and "secret", but does not fall into the other two categories.

The last term is Pagan. Pagan is used in many ways, but most often it is used as a catch all term for people that follow a non main stream religious path. I have a rant about this too that I may one day go off and explore but not today.

I hope this helps the new seeker to a Pagan path some and it is of course not complete in any way. If you are a new seeker and you are reading this or if you are not new and reading this, please fill free to leave me any questions you may have in the comments.

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