Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Job + World of Warcraft addiction = Me Slacking on updateing this blog. With a brief Weekend News Review

Merry Meet everyone! OK so I guess I have been slacking on updating both this blog and my personal one. This Blog at least got a update or two this week while I ignored my personal blog for World of Warcraft when on line. Yes I have been stricken with a War crack addiction. On Top of that I have started a new job which has me dragging a bit. So Goddess promise I will get back on track this coming week and update them both.

Since I admit to a "Warcrack" addiction this week I didn't spend as much time trolling the news as I normally do for stories of a Pagan interest. What I did find was not all that interesting IMHO but who am I to say what is interesting to someone else so here is what I got.

Avitar the most Satanic movie ever made? Mark Driscoll, pastor of Seattle's Mars Hill Church seems to think so. Christianity Today has a brief story complete with you tube video here. This guy could also fall under the category of "What a douche" as well.

Alright kids it is 4 AM and that is all I got. I told you all I been slacking but promise to make it up to you next week. Till Then Hail and Farewell.


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  2. I am excited to follow your blog and get updates. I found you from Pagan Bloggers Network. Merry Meet!

  3. Merry Meet Kanani I promise to get back to updating this blog