Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weekend News Review for week ending 2/20/10

Merry Meet Those of you that have stumbled into the realm that is my blog. It is time for the weekend news update, where I try to share stories that are of interest to Pagans. Sorry for the light posting this week but I have been a bit busy. I promise I have something very interesting in the works and hope to have it up by the end of next week.

This we week we are going to start across the pond where the British are getting ready for their 2011 census. The Witch's over in the U.K. ask please don't lump us in with the Jedi. Yep you read that right Jedi. Here is the story from the Guardian.

Moving on from the U.K. to something, (at least for me) a little closer to home. In Miami a judge as decided that a Facebook page is protected under the First Amendment. This is a story which has nothing to do with Paganism, but I thought most Pagan's would find interesting due to the Tech and First Amendment issues of it. Find's coverage of it here.

From the Faaaaar Right wing The New American runs a story about marketing to "young girls" with the pink Ouija board. Try not to through up in your mouth when you read this I know I did a little.

From San Antonio Texas comes a story about two teens who have apparently run away after speaking with a woman over the internet that encouraged them to play "Witchcraft" in a on line role playing game. Police have apparently spoken with this woman who lives in San Diego. This story might get interesting before it is all over. find it here.

Thats all for this week me droogies. If you come across a story you would like me to include in the weekend news update you can always e-mail it to me at untill next week have a safe happy and Magickal weekend.

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