Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And then confusion sets in...

I have tried very hard in the past year or so to stay our of debates about who has the right to call themselves Wiccan or of the Wicca or Wica even for that matter. For the most part I have been successful and will continue to be so. Now today I was browsing some forum posts, and some blog posts over own a little social networking site called Wiccan Together. If you are not familiar with this site Google it then have a look. Mostly this site is full of younger people (well younger to me anyway)who are trying to find there path, or information, or how to manifest they way the do on the t.v. show charmed. I will admit there are a few serious people on the site some of which I can call if not friend, at least acquaintance. But I am digressing. As I was saying I was reading some blogs and forum posts from people on that site that I like when a thought occurs to me. If I was a young kid starting out and came across this stuff I would be so confused I might decide that the Catholic Church really was the place for me and not this religion or path if you like called Wicca I have been reading about in all these books I have gotten.

Now here is what I mean by this. You have one group of people saying Wicca just refers to Traditional Wicca, i.e. Gards, and Alexandrians. Then you have the group that says no your Wiccan if you can only trace your lineage back to the New Forest area of England. Then you have the popular view that if you follow the Wiccan Rede `An it Harm none... Do What Thou Will your Wiccan. Then you have the people saying no if you are not this then your a Witch, or your Neo-Pagan, and you have others still that say you follow the craft. Then you have the writers of Pagan books telling you something else entirely. Hell I am confused now and I thought I had been a Wiccan for over 20 years. Or am I a Neo-Pagan, or maybe just a Witch.

I guess the point I am trying to make is in the end is the label really all that important? Do we really need to get worked up over who has the "right" to call ones self Wiccan, or Witch? Shouldn't we be celebrating what we have in common instead? Honoring what is highest and best in each of us as individuals and has a group no matter what we label ourself or what someone else labels us. I am here to tell you that I will continue to proudly call myself a Wiccan, no matter what someone else may think I am. If someone doesn't like that they can just kiss the fattest part of my ass, and I probably didn't need to count that person among my friends. Be proud my readers of who you are and strong in your convictions.


  1. Thanks Dawg we need to talk again soon

  2. You gotta admit, it is hard sometimes - especially when a guy's trying to get you to come to his apartment so he can "show you his athame". Yes. It happened. But you have a point nonetheless

    By the way, what am I watching? Are we sure that every audience member didn't leave without experiencing some kind of seizure?

  3. @ Blue Faerie that is an old Motown song by the Temptations called Ball of Confusion. It has been covered many times over the years by different artist like Duran Duran and Love and Rockets. Here is a link for the Love and Rockets version enjoy.