Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Passing of Isaac Bonewits

I know I have been a bit lax as of late in posting a weekend news update, but quite frankly this story was the dominant Pagan news of note this week. Unless you were a Pagan living in a cave this week the chance's are that you already know about the passing of Isaac Bonewits on this Thursday past.

I logged on to Facebook this past Thursday mid morning to see this news posted on Isaac and Phaedra's (his wife) fan page. It simply read; This morning, August 12, 2010 at approximately 8 AM ET, Isaac Bonewits passed away peacefully in his sleep. All his brothers and sisters arrived at his side ...

I had meet Isaac in person twice at festival in the past. The first time I ever meet him he was sitting around a fire with a bunch of friends and as I was passing by there happened to be someone there that I knew that called me over to join them. I ended up enjoying that fire with that group of folks and listening to Isaac sing and tell stories with everyone and enjoyed his quick wit and humor. I really can't remember the details of the second time I meet Isaac, but am sure my experience being around him was just as enjoyable. Through the magic that is Facebook I was able to chat with him a couple of times on line last year before his battle with Cancer and was always struck by how friendly he was to me. The one thing I remember most about one of the Facebook chats I had with Isaac is how he said that he and Phaedra were looking forward to moving to Oregon soon, and how excited he seemed about the possibility for them their. I can't really say that I knew Isaac from these few brief encounters with him, at best he was an acquaintance who might remember having talked to me in the past if I could jog his memory. What I can say is that I admired the man ad his work in the Neo-Pagan community, and all the great books he wrote movements he started.

Better writers than I have summed up his life online since his passing this week. Rather than try to explain some of his accomplishments here, I will simply post what I think are the best of the stories out their this past week since his passing to the Summerland.

This is the story which Margot Adler Author of "Drawing Down the Moon" and long time NPR reporter did on the NPR news program All things Considered this past week. In my opinion this one of the best pieces on the web paying tribute to Isaac.

The only other link I am going to post comes from The Wild Hunt Blog. Jason at the Wild hunt lists tons of info about Isaac and has a list of links in his post that will take you to any information you could ever want to know about Isaac.

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  1. blessings to Isaac, what a sparkling and intelligent elder. He will be so missed, but what he did and lived continues to shine