Thursday, September 30, 2010

Indianapolis PPD 2010 Recap

SCA Demo at Indy PPD 2010
Saturday the 25th marked the annual Indianapolis Pagan Pride day. I believe that this was the 13th year. Many people don't realize this but the modern day PPD movement started right here in Indy with my long time friend Cecylyna, who was in attendance at this years Indy PPD. For more information on the history of PPD check out this link.

So before I go on with my review of the day I want to put a little rant in here. Indianapolis is the home to the Modern Day PPD movement. For the last several years it seems to me that our Pagan Pride day has been little more than a vendor fest or a place to buy pretty Pagan things once a year. The few workshops in the past to me at least seemed disorganized and not heralded at all. Haveing gone to PPD in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Louisville, and Atlanta I know from whence I speak. Rant over and was not even about this years PPD.

Helena Zahara performing on stage under the shelter
Flash forward to this year. This PPD here in Indy was the best i can remember in many years. The rituals were well attended, the workshops were interesting and presented well with names like; Pagan Leadership and Community building skills, and Raising energy in Ritual. (a little note last year I gave a workshop called So you think you know Wiccan History. This year the same or similar work shop was given by my friend Midnyte who is Priestess of Owl Wood Circle here in Indy. This year I gave 2 hours of my time with the security staff from 12-2 which mostly involved walking around and answering questions and talking with friends. ) We had some wonderful information booths this year as well in addition to the normal vendors we always seem to have. There was a booth for Diabetes awareness, Lothlorien Nature Sanctuary (which if you are a regular reader of my blog you know I attend festivals their) had an information booth and so to did the Midwest Regional Local Council of Covenant of the Goddess. They were here last year as well and it was good to see them back. We also had a couple of student Pagan groups with information booths trying to get the word out about Paganism on campus. The only dark spot on this years PPD was we had some merchandise shoplifted from a couple of the vendors. This is the first time in the history of our event here in Indy that anyone could remember anything being stolen. All I can say about that is there is a special place in Hades for those that took things from our vendors if Karma doesn't get them first. All in all however they day was a raging success with the final attendance numbers coming in at 1,231 people and $4000 worth of caned and dry food items being donated to the Damien Center in the name of the Indianapolis Pagan Community. I am looking forward to an even better Indianapolis PPD next year, so if your in the Indianapolis area come September 24th 2011 please join us.


  1. Excellent review!

    I think I may have the perfect person to co-ordinate workshops this year! ;)

  2. id like to know where it might be held at this year. i know its a little bit of but still would like to know

  3. Once again Indy PPD should be in Broad Ripple Park in 2011