Monday, September 27, 2010

Merry Meet Monday

Welcome to the first installment of Merry Meet  Monday. So for the week long delay in this series but I wanted to get Mo's guest post up coming off the heals of Day for Gerald. This Monday I would like for everyone to say Merry Meet to Gerald Gardner Father of modern day Wicca. There has been so much written about old Gerald that it is sometimes hard to figure out what is correct, what is inaccurate, and what is apocryphal. As a matter of fact day for Gerald in London was about clearing up some things associated with him a celebrating his life. Old Gerald is the father of modern day Wicca.

During his life Gardner wrote three books on the subject Wicca. High Magics Aid in 1949 which is a work of fiction based from what I understand the work he was doing with the New Forest Witch's. He was only able to publish this as a work of fiction because due to there still being "Witchcraft Laws" in England at the time. After the repel of those laws in 1951 he went on to publish Witchcraft Today in 1951 and Meaning of Witchcraft in 1959. In these books he was able to finally come out and tell the world that Witchcraft was alive and well and doing just fine. I am not going to try and type out all that I know about old Gerald, which is not an inconsiderable amount of information, and as much as I think I know about the man and his work I am not of the Gardinarian tradition of Wicca and know there is much I don't know as well. Instead I am going to suggest you look here at Gerald Gardner dot com for the information one could want on the father of modern Wicca. Once you have digested that site I would highly recommend that you go back and read or re-read Mo's guest post on site about Day for Gerald which can be found here. I promise I will get better with these Merry Meet Monday posts as I write them. For now I hope you take the time to learn a little about this man and what we as modern day Pagans owe to him.

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