Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Name Game

Merry Meet again my readers. So if your a regular reader of my blog you may have noticed something a bit different about it over the past couple of days. If you haven't I am about to clue you in. It seems this blog was being written by a fellow named Afeenast, and not by the fellow named Orius who is writing it now. So let me explain.

Many years ago about 15 now I think I was with a then Priestess that I practiced with and had a great vision. This vision was of the Egyptian God falling into the consolation of Orion. This was a powerful vision for me and I took on the name of Orius after it. I spent many years within the Pagan community as Orius many people still know me by that name. That name had power and meaning for me.

Flash forward to about a year ago. I was having a crisis of faith and of being unsure who I really was and thought what I needed was a fresh start. In my great wisdom I decided that the name Orius had to go. That it was the root of all my faith problems and by banishing it I would have a clean slate so to speak. So away it went and the search for a new name was began. That search lasted all of about 10 minuets, when I decided that I would settle on a name that was randomly generated for me by an on-line MMORPG that I liked to play. (No it was not World of Warcraft.) So the new me Afeenast was born.

I spent the better part of a solid year trying to fit into a name that really meant didly squat to me all the time still thinking of myself as Orius. So a couple of weeks ago I am talking with my good friend from London Mo. Yes the same Mo who I am lucky to have guest post here on The Mad Angry Pagan. During this talk I figured out that I had solved that little crisis of faith I was having some time ago and that changing a name by which I was known and that had value and meaning for me had nothing to do with solving it. During this conversation I learned some powerful personal lessons and learned that while I had stop being Orius in name I had never stop being him in spirit. So my friends readers would you please welcome back the new old writer of The Mad Angry Pagan Orius. I think you will find he writes a bit better than that other fellow who was writing this blog, and that he is glad to be back.

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