Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thrown for a loop

Have you ever had life just throw ya for one of those loops that you have to step back and say "where the hell did that come from?" Well my dear friends that has kind of happened to me this week. But the more I have thought about it the more I think that it was a good thing. So because of this loop I have had to step back and examine whether or not my current practice is really the right one for me. I do believe that the answer is yes with a but.

Let me explain. I have been so considered trying to keep what I call more traditional practices of Wicca alive here in my home town, and with the group that I practice with, that I may have shut myself off from something I might enjoy. Let me give another example. In the group that I am the Priest of we Circle skyclad. I have meet many wonderful people who I would love to circle with and them with us, that have not because we held to this hard rule on skyclad. So when I got thrown for this loop (and what the event was that happened is really not important) after I came out the other end I started assessing what it had meant to me and this is what I came up with.

It is good and proper that we continually reassess our beliefs and practices. Sometimes we may find that they no longer hold the same meaning for us that they once did. Being open to change and accepting of us is as much a part of being a Pagan as following the Gods. I forgot that little lesson and I am glad I got a reminder on it this week.

On a personal note I have been having some health issues and will be off for a few days which I hope will give me time to update my blog with some posts that i have been meaning to write. Untill next time BB.

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  1. I understand the rule and way of Skyclad. I however, have never tried it to know if it feels any different then non-skyclad.
    I can see & have thought, doesn't it prevent the freedom of circles and events outside? For me, I love to have the moon bathe me in her gentle rays, the feel of the soft soothing air in the evening, the sounds of nature, it combines and makes such magic and comfort to all work. My question would be, how does it affect your circle in that way? I mean, if you do a skyclad event outside, it could be potentially awful - due to societies restrictions on behavior and nudity ;) Have you ever done one outside? How would that work without just anyone seeing or viewing, or being "nude in public" where it's "indecent exposure" lol Makes me giggle cause there's nothing indecent about it :)
    I know, so many questions! I've been solitare for so long...