Friday, September 24, 2010

Wild Magick 2010

Wild Magick logo for 2010 spray painted on rain fly of the tent
Merry Meet. So if you are one of my blogs regular readers you may remember that I told you all I was heading out to the 27th Wild Magick festival at Lothlorien Nature Sanctuary. This is my recap of the Fest.. Wild Magick starts on Thursday but we were unable do to work to get down untill Friday in the early evening. We were very fortunate that friends had saved us a space in our normal circle where we camp, because averring late the way we did most of the best camping places were taken. Once we got unloaded we were set up quickly thanks to said friends helping us out. Once set up we were pretty hungry and Lothlorien has a long hall in which during the bigger Fest's their they serve food for a modest price. Since we had eaten their before and we knew that we were leaving on Sunday afternoon, we did not pack real heavy on food. We moseyed over to the long hall which is very close to where we like to camp for the evening fest to find it jammed full of folks. I had never seen so many people at the long hall for a meal. I figured screw this and headed back to camp for Ham sandwich, while my house mate and camping companion braved the teaming masses for food, which did not arrive until almost 9PM. Come to find out latter that folks thought the fest was free that night (which it was not) and that is why the long hall was so full.

     That evening I headed down to Thunder Dome to enjoy some drumming and dancing around the fire. A note on fires here, the county in which Lothlorien is in in Indiana was under a burn ban and there were only a couple of places you could have a fire. Thunder Dome was on of them. Somewhere between the camp site and Thunder Dome the alcohol fairy got hold of me, and while I remember having a good time I couldn't tell you much else about the night.

     Saturday morning after waking to my headache I wondered over to the long hall and had some morning chow, 6 Advil, and a shower. We had friends coming sown from Indy that day who had not been down to Loth in over 15 years. I spent they day with them introducing them to new friends and old ones  They had a great time and I am glad they came. That evening before it got dark the local fire department came by and we had to mute the modest fire that they had going out Thunder Dome the night before. They confined us to a enclosed outdoor fireplace placed into the established fire pit within the dome. I have been going to Loth off and on for years and this is the first time I can ever remember no being able to have a nice fire while their. I figured keep the whole area from burning down was much more important than getting upset over not being able to have a huge raging fire. Anyway I danced and drank the night away basically having a wonderful time at Fest.

     Sunday was very low key as we packed up, went to our final workshops we wanted to go to, visited the vendors looking for a last minute deal one more time and said our goodbye's until we see our Fest friends at Elf Fest next May. If you live in or near Indiana I would encourage you to come out and enjoy that Fest as it is always a good time.

New Sign on road into camping area

Derek getting his last bit of drum on Sunday Morning before packing up

The Mad Angry Pagan himself with some Friends I only get to see at Fest

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