Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wild Magick

Merry Meet again all. I have a busy couple of days ahead of me as  I get my act together to head down to Wild Magick at Lothlorien Nature Sanctuary, for the annual gathering. I am really looking forward to seeing old friends and making a few new ones. While I have been to other gatherings and festivals at Lothlorien recently, I have not been to a Wild Magick gathering in over 15 years I am really looking forward to it. This little Festival is for many the last hurah of the year before packing it in for winter. One of the best things I remember about going to this fest in past years is how cozy everyone seems to get with each other at it. Here in Indiana where I live and this Fest takes place, fall is very much in the air already. While our daytime highs may still be hitting the low 80's on occasion, it gets down right chilly in the evening. Heck this morning the temp is in the mid 50's. So I remember everyone being very chummy and blankets and around the fires, (which I hope we are able to have as there was a county wide burn ban in the county that Wild Magick takes place in, in place a few days ago due to lack of rain, but we have had some down that way since then.) of course there is always plenty of warmth dancing and drumming at Thunder Dome. I will not promise to try and take lots of pictures to post, instead I promise to try to remember to take lots of pictures to post on a latter blog.  As you can see from the above pictures of me, taken at Elf Fest which takes place at Lothlorien in May, I sometimes get distracted while I am there. Until next time all BB.

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  1. looks great Afeenast! Have a great time, and look forward to any pics and stories :0)

    hugs and blessings