Monday, October 11, 2010

Merry Meet Monday - Doreen Valiente

Merry Meet everyone. Welcome to today's Merry Meet Monday. Today I would like to profile the mother of Modern Witchcraft Doreen Valiente.

Doreen was born January 4th, 1922 and First met Gerald Gardner in 1952. A year latter on Midsummer's eve 1953 she was initiated by Gerald into the Craft. At the time of Doreen's initiation the Book of Shadows that was in use by Gardner had many passage that he had filled in himself, claiming that the Book of Shadows he had received from the New Forest Witches had contained remnants and that he had to fill them in the best he could. Doreen "called old Gerald out" on this as itwere when she astutely recognized part of Alister Crowley's Gnostic Mass in one of the passages he had read. Gardner asked her if she could do any better in reconstructing the rituals giving her his book of shadows. Thankfully not only was she able to do so replacing much of the Crowley and other material with her own verse.She reconstructed it into a logical and workable system that many have come to understand and love. Her contributions to Wicca and Witchcraft are far to numerous for me to list them all here. Perhaps the one thing that Doreen did for us that almost any Pagan knows, is give us The Charge of the Goddess. The Charge is probably Wicca's most famous piece of writing. For more information about Doreen check out this site which has all kinds of information on Doreen including an excellent biography of her. After you have digested all of that go back and check out my good friend Mo's guest post here on Day for Doreen last year in London. 

I hope you have enjoyed this very brief profile on Doreen. Remember my purpose with the Merry Meet Monday posts, is to introduce you to important historical figures within the craft, both past and present, and provide you some links to some good information about them. It is up to my readers whether or not to pursue the information and lean a little more about these fascinating people. I hope however that you do. Merry Part till next time.

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