Thursday, December 16, 2010

Things Pagan's don't talk about... Health

So back in November I was all set to make a return to blogging. I had some some good stuff lined up, and had completed another interview for the blog. Well obviously I never posted any of it, and this is why. I just didn't feel up to doing it. My health has been an issue for me lately and quite frankly I was not feeling 100%. So I have spent the last couple of months concentrating on my health and getting back to feeling better. While I was doing that I did think about my blog quite a bit and what I was trying to accomplish with it. While I will probably get back to doing things like Merry Meet Mondays, for the next few entries I make I want to talk (rant) about things we in the Pagan community just don't talk about. Today's rant is about health. Not only my own by how I have experienced it with others in the community. So here goes...

High Blood pressure runs in my family. My father has had a few strokes in the last couple of years, and I knew I had high B.P. as well but had not been on any medicine to contain it in years. Why? Well I am invincible just like most of the Pagans I know. I am a virile 40 something and nothing can harm me high blood pressure be damned along with my lungs and pack a day smoking habit for 20 years. But hey I am God like and surely the Goddess has my back and they are looking after me when I wake up with migraine headaches and hacking who knows what up after only maybe sleeping 3 real good hours out of 8. Does this sound like you or anyone you know yet my readers?

Any way decided to go see the doctor because the headaches were getting so bad I thought maybe I might be having mini strokes. That and the aspirin and Reiki I was giving myself were not cutting it. So I get to the Dr. and she is so scarred I am going to have a Stroke by the B.P. reading she has taken that she wants to admit me to the hospital on the spot. There is a scary thought a Dr. looking at you and going you could drop dead from a stroke any moment. But like I said before I am invincible. To shorten this story up a bit I will tell you that she let me go home and I know take 3 meds a day keep my B.P. in check and it is doing much better. I am also paying attention to what she tells me and working on quitting smoking a feat I have not achieved yet but soon I hope.

Now why did I just tell you all this? Because if I tell you all my health adventures here maybe you will start thinking about your own. For those of you that are right now going (and I had someone or two say this to me) why didn't you control your problems with herbs and alt. healing do you know the side effects of those medicines you take? My answer is this, The side effects are my B.P. is down 100 points, my headaches are gone, I am sleeping through the night, I am quitting smoking, and my dick gets hard again. Those are all side effects I can live with. I never stopped using alt.forms of healing like Reiki I just now use them in conjunction with my medicine and advise from my Dr.

Folks we are not Superman. If you have a health issue look at it as a whole health approach and see a Dr. I promise the God and Goddess don't mind you doing that. They want you to be healthy and well to be in service to them. I promise they are on your side when it comes to your health. Who knows the life you save by taking care of your health could be your own. Until my next rant everyone  stay safe and have a happy Yuletide season. O


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better. I'm doing about the same and equally as blessed the Goddess lets me wake in the mornings.
    I am glad you are gonna address some taboo topics. Will be good to get things out in the open. ^^ Hope your family has a blessed Yule <3

  2. hey Orius, glad you got your blood pressure sorted out, and wish you lots of success buddy with the smoking and other health improvements. You're quite right, we need to look after ourselves and self healing is a good foundation for so much else, it's something we need to build into our lives. Hugs and blessings

  3. Good post! The staunch Medical Luddites can be dangerous when they tell people they've committed some type of magical treason by taking advantage of modern medicine. All things in moderation; not every alternative medicine option works for everyone either. I say use all the tools at your disposal.

    The other thing that chaps my nethers is the "The Secret" style school of thought among some Pagans regarding illness. Peddling that lovely flip-side of Positive Thinking, that if you aren't well, something must be wrong with you spiritually, or you're just plain not trying hard enough to be one with something.

  4. @snoozepossum I agree that chaps my arse as well

    @Dog Thanks buddy!