Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some New Years Thoughts

Merry Meet and Happy New Year everyone! Over the last several days I have been thinking on the past year that I have had, and on the year that is to come. I have a few wishes for the Pagan community in the coming year that I would like to share or perhaps rant about so here goes.

First and foremost is why the fuck we can't all get along is beyond me. Are our differences in the way we practice are craft really so great that we have to have words over it? Let's grow up a little folks we are a minority religion in a sea of much larger ones. Let's this year try to find our common ground and take a high road. On that same note let us remember that it is O.K. to call bullshit on someone that is blatantly giving false information to folks about our craft. It is also O.K. to suggest to the members of our community that claim they are a thousands of year old red dragon that transforms in the physical when no one is around, or any other crazy and similar story I have herd over the years, that perhaps they need to seek professional help from someone in the psychological field. Or better yet see if you can get them to set up a video camera to capture the moment of transformation for you. Who knows you might be able to collect a hefty sum from CNN for it.

Pressing on now. Second and this has become a big one for me and the Circle I am with, is Charity. Yes Charity. It really is not a bad word. I am not talking about lets set up a organization to collect donations yadda, yadda. I am talking about helping out those around you that are in need when your able. Pagans helping Pagans. Keeping each other alive. We all know Pagans down on their luck for whatever reason. Most of them are really good people. Hell some of them are you and me. Sharing what we have should be a core of what we do. Not because The Gods tell us to do so, or I suggested it, but because it is the human thing to do. Charity can be anything from feeding someone if your able to fixing peoples car in the community, (my specialty) or a computer, or what not when they don't have all the resources for it. Charity can be that simple, it does not have to be money or even anything fancy. When I am able to help someone it makes me feel good and I know that it will come back to me some how some way. If someone helps you out my biggest advise is be gracious. I know it hurts when your not able to do for yourself and pride wants to take over. (I have experienced it first hand this winter myself) It's O.K. were human just pay it forward when you can.

Third and last for now, lets all ground ourselves in reality a little bit shall we. This goes back a bit to my first point. Let's all try to remember that in order for us to grow and expand our horizons we need to be grounded firmly in this world. Take care of yourself in the here and now and the spiritual will come that much easier. Oh and never forget the most important lesson that comes to us from the charge of the Goddess. If that which you seek you find not within... Ye shall never find it without...


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  1. hey there Orius, yeah we need to treat each other better. I signed up for this campaign the other day which pretty much has a good idea as far as I can see

    I could sum up my wishes for the Pagan community in two words pretty much: kindness and reason. Be good to each other, and have a clear, sane head.

    We are a hedonistic community unfortunately, and never so hedonistic as when it comes to falling for glamour, conflict and pride. What we need is spirituality. Not "save the world/planet/ecology" soap boxes, not personal politics souped up into self deification, not ideology, but good old fashioned "how do you get to be a better person?" spirituality.

    If it ain't got that, it ain't worth Jack.