Saturday, February 19, 2011

Finding the male mysteries

A couple of week's ago I was having a wonderful conversation with my friend Dawg who lives in London and has contributed a few guest posts to this blog on Day for Doreen, and Day for Gerald that took place in London where he lives. Anyway we were having a great chat like we always do about all kinds of things, we I started to relate to Dawg an experience I had with a mentor who is no longer with me about becoming a man. Now before I continue with my story I would like to talk a little about my personal life and the Circle with which I am involved. 

Our Circle is blessed in that we have three men who participate and are members. It has been my experience that it is rare to have two men in most circles anymore let alone three. To make this even a little more unique, (please do not send me mail telling me I am stereotyping about other groups, I am simply sharing my observations with my readers) all three of us are heterosexual, which in my experience with groups is another rarity. Another thing that I find interesting is that in one way or another all three of us can fall in to one of many stereotypes about men in general that you would not often find in the Wiccan community. For example I am a sports fan and when it comes time for the Stanley Cup Finals you better not come between me and the television. As a former Priestess of mine (and she occasionally reads this blog) can confirm I once stood in front her when learning that we had a ritual on a night of a game I wanted to attend moving my hands up and down in front of me saying, "Hockey my Immortal soul, Hockey my Immortal soul."

Now I told you all that so that you would know that really in many ways I am just an "average Joe" type guy, and so are the male friends I am closest to in my circle and life. That does not mean I am not Spiritual or interested in male mysteries. On the contrary I am quite interested in the male mysteries, and what they are and mean. I sometimes think that the men involved in the Wiccan community forget that putting up the hood to the car and fixing it, and going out with the boys and having a pizza and pitcher of beer, is every bit as much part of male mysteries as taking on the role of Horned God in Circle is. This leads me back to my chat with Dawg a few weeks ago, where I brought up in Woman's mysteries you have three distinct phases that the Goddess passes through. Maiden, Mother, and Crone. What is it we as men have that is akin to that. Well there are of course some obvious answers, Oak King, Holly King, Son, Father and Lord of Life, Lord of Death to name a few. But what is that third stage for us men? I myself am not sure and am still looking for it. My friend Dawg also wrote a piece on his blog where he suggests it is Heart Master (or Hierophant).I must admit he makes a pretty good argument for it too. Now of course I chat went deeper than this and we talked about mentoring and many other things, but what our chat really came down to is opening your heart up to experiencing those male mysteries. I suspect I will be searching for them the rest of my life, because as soon as you find a new truth for yourself many other pathways with many other truths open up to you. So here is to all of us Men and Women alike, that are always searching for the truths about the mysteries in our life. I wish all much success and happiness.

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  1. I have always heard "Sage" as the third stage for guys, but since I don't fit into or ascribe to the three stages commonly given for women (I didn't bother with Maiden and Mother and went straight for Warrior/Crone), I say make yer own.