Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Quick update and IPCOD

Merry Meet and good morning everyone. I just wanted to put a quick update out so you all would know I am working on new things for the blog. I am currently working on a new interview with popular Wiccan and Pagan Author Christopher Penczak. His mother just recently passed so it may take a while to get the interview finished so in the mean time please send positive thoughts and energy Chris's way.

Yesterday marked the first International Pagan Coming Out Day. You can visit their website here. I went to the event yesterday which was held on the I.U.P.U.I. campus near downtown Indy. Unfortunately the weather here in Indy yesterday I am afraid keep many people in as it was quite rainy and as one of the organizers of the event told me they had 3 of their information booths cancel. That is the bad news about yesterdays event here in Indy the good news however is that they are having a 2ed event this Saturday at Broad Ripple park which I plan on attending and will blog about after. One bright spot from yesterday is I ran into an old acquaintance in Gail Grimes who is the former national first officer and current membership coordinator for CoG or Covenant of the Goddess. I hope to be able to interview her soon about CoG and the work that they do. In the mean time I will be back with an update after this weekends event at Broad Ripple Park. Merry Part for now everyone.

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