Monday, November 14, 2011

The End... A new start... and a new gem from youtube

So I have not posted in a long time a long time. The last two days I have been thinking about the blog and how I should post something even if it was only to say all things have a season and all things must pass and then let this blog fade to memory. I cam very close to logging on this morning and doing just that. I am not sure why I did not then goofing off tonight on youtube I came across another of those "gems" I like to post on here from way back, and I remembered why I had this blog in the first place. I started this blog to do a little bit of education in the Pagan community. To share my rants and opinions as well, but I hoped that someone somewhere would get something out this blog. Over the years it has morphed quite a bit and I think people have enjoyed it. I know I got a lot of great comments on the interviews I have done and trust I enjoyed doing them. So I have decided for now at least to keep this blog up. I can't promise how often I will post but when I do post I hope to make it interesting for those of you that read it.

Now for that Gem I found on youtube. Janet and Stewart Farrar with a new circle member I hope you enjoy.

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  1. good to see you posting Orius :0) You don't need to post like clockwork bro, if people want that then they can pay for a service somewhere that will treat them like consumers. You're appreciated, you care about the community, but things go in waves and you have to look after yourself too. Being here for each other is partly just that, being there. Hugs