Friday, June 1, 2012

Quick Review of Elf Fest 2012

Elf Fest logo spray painted on the back of our tent
Merry Meet everyone and a good Friday morning to you. Today I have just a really quick review of Elf Fest 2012 for you which I attended last week. I have been attending Elf Fest since the early 90's and this Elf Fest marked a couple of firsts for me. This was the first Elf Fest which I had ever bartered into, which meant for several hours during the fest I got to work. I worked up front as a Parking Troll / Troll Both person on Friday from 3PM to 8PM and Saturday from 12PM to 4PM. These shifts meant a couple of things first, they were prime time shifts for people coming into the fest that were coming down only for the weekend or day on Saturday. So it meant I got to meet a lot of people old friends and new as they were coming in. It also meant I missed a few of the things I love about Elf fest such as the great music from bands on Friday afternoon early evening and the May Pole on Saturday. The second first for me, is this is the first Elf Fest I have been to where it did not rain. I have been to many Fest's at Lothlorien and it has always at least once rained. This Elf Fest there was no rain and we had temperatures in the 90's for the whole fest so it was scorching hot. So enough of that and on to my quick review.

We arrived at Loth on Thursday afternoon to Julie's smiling face at the Troll Both and a warm hug and welcome home from her. Julie is one of those friends that I only get to see at Fest and it was great that hers was one of the first faces I saw. After getting our wavier paperwork taken care of and getting my work hours for the fest we headed down the road to the fest grounds to find a spot in Scientist Circle which is our normal camping area. We were waved at and yelled hi to by several friends as we pulled around to off load our stuff. We enjoyed a lazy rest of the day Thursday wandering around checking out the awesome new playground for the kids that has been moved from it's original location to Children s Circle. That evening we went to the newly re-sanded thunder dome to enjoy drumming and dancing.

Friday was a bit subdued for me as it was really just too fricking hot to do too much and I had a work shift that afternoon. One of the new things this year Loth was able to use the field of the neighbor's for parking. this made the parking issues that they have had in the past pretty much disappear and I give them a big thumbs up for this.
One of the Babalon Organizers and me

Saturday was once again almost too hot to want to do much during the day even thou they had the May Pole and some bands that day. Once again I had a work shift and got to meet lots new people coming down just for the day to check out the fest. On a personal note two of my friends that are responsible for the Babalon Rising  festival next week came for they day, one of which had never been to Loth, and the other had not been in years. It was nice to be able to show them around Loth they way they showed me around Our Haven when I first went their. On another personal note I will be attending Babalon Rising as a full barter in and will write a review of it when I get back as well.

Sunday I hate to say it but yep way too hot. It is also the day many people head home. We said our good bye's to the folks we knew that were leaving with hugs and a few tears and the phrase miss you already uttered a few times, but also with love and knowing we will see them again at Wild Magick gathering. As Sunday evening came we went to the dome to enjoy the drumming and dancing one last time before heading home on Monday.

Monday morning dawned on us and yep you guessed it hot hot hot. We quite frankly were over it at this point. Meaning we had such a good time seeing all the sites and visiting with friends for the week but the heat was killing us. We packed up and headed out to get home to the modern comfort of A.C. I am sad that we missed the warrior blessing ritual that Pagan Education Network put on Monday, I had however seen this ritual and even participated in it before. There is always next time speaking if which until next time Merry Part all.


  1. How many people do you think, attended this festival? Curious...

  2. We were at well over 300 this year

  3. I would be so ecstatic if you knew of any fests during this fall in indiana! I am avigating through my spirituality and ould love to meet new and amazing open minded individuals