Monday, October 15, 2012

Guest Post The Whell

Merry Meet everyone long time no post. Well today's post comes to us from a friend in the great white north. That's right Canada. My friend Eugenia from Toronto with whom I had the pleasure of sharing a dance with the other day at a mutual friends wedding here in Indiana, is putting on and promoting a large Pagan event in downtown Toronto. She is very excited about it and I am happy and excited for her I wanted to help her get the word out. Check out their web sites

And now here is Eugenia to tell you all about the event!

On the night when the veil between the worlds is thinnest,
come and dance the magic circle 'round
in the heart of the city
in Toronto's biggest square
we will invite the dead and dearly departed to come and dance with us for one night of the year -
THIS is the REAL Hallowe'en

I am proud to announce that the WHEEL: A Samhain Masquerade will be happening in Dundas Square on November 3rd featuring music by the Dragon Ritual Drummers, Pagan's Folly, & Amanda Rose Moscar. We will have storytelling with Brian Walsh and a performance art installation by contact movement collective Isoprox.

This will be the first time in Toronto's history that a pagan themed event will be held in such a public, central, downtown location.

I am counting on the support of this amazing community to make this event a true success!

Donate today at

*UPDATE* 11/5/2012

This event was a great success for Eugenia and all who helped out, they even got some very positive press coverage.

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