Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Man of Steel my review and a little commentary.

     So last night I finally got around to watching the new Superman movie Man of Steel. Now if any of you have herd the the Podcast (A bit of Geek and Nerdery) I do with my friend Wil, you would know that in the very first episode of it I was questioning if Super Hero's like Superman and Cpt. America were relevant today. Well if the direction I saw Superman go in this movie is any indication to me I would say yes he is very relevant to today. Ahh gasp you say.But you said in the pod cast he was not relevant. I mean what does Superman stand for. Truth, Justice, and the American way. (what exactly is the American way anymore) Spoiler alert for those that have not seen this film. This reboot of a classic franchise I found stunningly brilliant. It portrays Clark Kent very much as a alien in strange place. Coping with being different than everyone else and trying to find out who he is. A man not quite human and yet not quite Kryptonian either. A man struggling to define himself amongst aliens. Learning to take a leap of faith and have trust. Somewhere along the way he learns to love the human race, and Lois Lane. I had a fiend of mine who I play World of Warcraft with, after hearing the first episode of the pod cast talk with me about Superman and Cpt. America and the type of Super Hero's they are. I am not sure I agreed with what he said to me at the time but after watching this movie and rethinking a few things I understand it where he was coming from. He said and I am paraphrasing here, We have plenty of super hero's that have not moral code. We have very few like Superman that will not break what he believes for anything. Whether you agree with his beliefs of not. Maybe what the world needs is more hero's like him. I will take it under consideration my friend.

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