Friday, December 20, 2013


So I have not made a post since the end of September and that one was to simply say that Honey Badger doesn't give a shit. Not exactly a current reference even when I posted it. I sort of feel like this post is akin to one of those bad Christmas letters you get from the weird Uncle and Aunt that you only see every 3 years. So what have I been up to you ask? Is this post the end of The Mad Angry Pagan? Stand by lets find out together.

So what have I been up to... Well to start I have been busy being the High Priest of our Circle. We have grown a great amount for a first year circle and keep up with that has been a chore all to its self. I plan on continuing with the circle for many years to come, and hope to find a few more young men interested in joining our ranks and learning a bit about Trad Craft, so I can step down and watch others lead. I have also been catching up on a whole lot of reading. Not just Pagan books but SciFi, Fantasy, and anything else over the past good bit of time I said I should read that. If those two things were not enough, I have begun co-hosting a new podcast with my friend Wil called A bit of Geek and Nerdery. (find us on itunes and please rate us) That has been taken a good chunk of my time as well. So where does that leave this blog? To tell the truth I am not sure I can tell you that the blog will be evolving as I work other parts of my life into it. It will most likely see infrequent updates but I will try and update it.  Until that next update head over to itunes and get your geek on with us.

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