Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Goat with a side of Pasta

So in the main stream news over the past couple of days has been the story of The Satanic Temple and their petition to erect a monument to Satan near the steps of the Oklahoma capital building. The Temple is responding to a group who in 2012 were allowed to add a privately funded monument to the ten commandments of the Christian Bible to the capital building lawn. The Temple has not been alone in there attempts to have another privately funded monument placed at the capital building. PETA, and The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, (more about them latter) have also filed petitions to do the same. The Satanic Temple however seems to be the one that has (as of this writing) raised enough private funds through the web site know as indegogo. Here is the link to there fund raising page. They have also released renderings of what the monument would look like. (see above photo) There were many stories in the main stream media about this, over the last couple of days. This one from The Washington Times, is a good example of them.

     What this boils down to (pun intended for fans of F.S.M.) in my opinion is not a case of freedom of religion, (because that should be obvious to most) but a case of equal access and hypocrisy. The state of Oklahoma have essentially said since the ten commandments monument was paid for by private funds we are not endorsing a religion by allowing it to sit on the grounds of the state house. However if any other group wants to put one there with private funds it has to go through an approval process. Which lets be honest, does not stand a snowballs chance in hell (once again pun intended) of being approved. This is going to be interesting to watch unfold over the coming months, as this will have far reaching implications for freedom of religion and equal access to things like public displays depicting religion which is considered outside of the mainstream.

In untimely Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster news, (and I have no clue how I missed this being the Pastafarian I am) in Florida a holiday display to his noodly appendage was approved, and displayed in the Florida capital building. For those that like me missed this momentous occasion, you can read all about it here, in Death and Taxes Magazine.

In one last bit of Pastafarian news Christopher Schaeffer a politician in New York on January 2ed took his swearing in oath while wearing the traditional Pastafarian garb of a Spaghetti strainer on his head. You can read this whole story here in the New York Daily News.


  1. good to see this Sean. Just one correction, the group is The Satanic Temple, not the Church of Satan. I certainly support their efforts :0)