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Very popular post on a Day for Gerald Gardner, which was held in London in 2010 This post was written by my good friend Mo who lives in London and was able to cover the event for us.

My interview with Edain McCoy which is the most visited page on the site. Edain was great to interview and one day I swear I am going to interview her again.

This is my interview with Christopher Pencazk. Christopher was a great interview as well and I at one point had actually started a 2ed interview with him which life intruded upon and never got finished. Next time I get a chance to talk to him I may see about doing so. 

Here is the link to the very first interview I did on the site with Margot Adler. I was as nervos as could be when interviewing her. Here I am  just some Pagan blogger and she is an actual respect journalist that works for NPR and not to mention she wrote one of the most respected books on Paganism. But the fact of the matter is she was awesome and made me feel great when interviewing her and was very helpful

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